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Monday, 13 February 2012 08:42

This Update rollup has been released on Feb,10th 2012, click here for the Knowledge Base article.

Here's a short list of the fixes included

  • Applications that use the Microsoft CRM Deployment web service may experience time-out errors in deployments that have large domains and multiple sub domains. (KB 2667046 )
  • When you map users during the organization import process and then delete the users from Active Directory, the organization import process fails.
  • When you add many marketing list members by using the Advanced Find function, and then you use the Add all the members option, you experience slow performance in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additionally, Microsoft SQL Server stops responding.
  • Assume that you have two related entities. When only one of the entities has the Create privilege, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users cannot see the Add Existing button on the sub grids of the entity that does not have the Create privilege.
  • When you enable or disable a user, SYSTEM is displayed in the Last Modified By field of the record. However, the user who performed the action should be displayed in the field.
  • Assume that you upload data in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 client for Outlook that is in offline mode. Then, you go online and perform a client synchronization. In this situation, you experience slow performance during client synchronization. However, the issue does not occur when you run the Fiddler tool.
  • Assume that you reassign a workflow rule definition to another user, and the user publishes the workflow. The workflow instance records are associated with an entity type against which the workflow is run. In this situation, you cannot open the workflow instance in the System Jobs menu. Additionally, the workflow instance is not displayed in the relationship entity for workflow instances in the System Jobs menu in the workflow definition form.

Here's a extract from the related post from the Sustained Engineering Team about future rollups for CRM 4.0.

"NOTE: Due to the low volume of fix requests for CRM 4.0, the CRM SE team will stop shipping CRM 4.0 rollups on a regular schedule after Update Rollup 21. CRM SE will service CRM 4.0 requests on an individual basis using our Critical on Demand process.

CRM SE will continue to evaluate the need for Update Rollups for the remainder of CRM 4.0’s supported lifecycle. A rollup will be shipped if there is a significant increase in volume of fix requests or in the event that a rollup will benefit a majority of the 4.0 installation base"